Support your running community

Join our mission for sustainable running wear, while generating funds for your club.

We're working with clubs across the UK who share our vision for running wear that's long-lasting, good for runners, and good for the planet.

dryad runners by Andy Milton

Photograph by Andy Milton

dryad runners by Saskia Dugon

Photograph by Saskia Dugon

Affiliate programme for clubs

By joining our affiliate programme, clubs get a code to share with their members. The club receives 15% of any purchase made using the code, and buyers also get free postage.

matt thomas dryad

'One of the reasons we started Dryad was to support running communities, and our new affiliate programme enables club members to do that by generating useful funds. This works for us as it creates more sales channels, and hopefully it is something club members want to support.'
- Matt Thomas, Co-founder

Easy to sign up and get started.

If your club is looking to increase revenue to support its activities, download our dryad affiliate pack to share with your club. It contains everything you need to know about the programme, and how to get started.

dryad affiliate programme pack cover


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