dryad running - how to look after your dryad clothing - illustration by jessica noble

Illustration by Jessica Noble | @jcndesign

How to look after your Dryad clothing.


The quick version: We recommend that you wash all our clothes using the cool setting on your machine* – 30ºC - and then, if possible, hanging them to dry.


As we all know, when we run, we get hot. When we get hot we sweat – and it’s the bacteria in our sweat that causes odours…so it’s tempting to want to use a high temperature setting to try and blast everything clean. But it’s not great for the environment or energy consumption.

Washing at lower temperatures saves energy, and also helps increase the lifespan of the clothing, as fibres in the fabric are put under less stress when washed a bit cooler.

Another tip is to use non-bio / earth-friendly products where possible - Method and Bio D** have products that are phosphate-free, cruelty-free and are packaged in recyclable bottles, for example.


Hang to dry, or lay flat if possible.


Microfibres are the tiny strands of plastic shed by polyester fabrics, that can cause eventual ocean pollution when they enter the water system. Even though we've used the most sustainable performance fabrics available for our clothing, some pieces could release microfibres during washing. To reduce the chances of those microfibres entering the water system, we recommend a washing bag; Guppyfriend make a great one. We'll be continually looking for solutions to this problem to mitigate our impact.


If you want to iron your Dryad clothing, again, it’s best to use the coolest setting available, and iron on the reverse/inside out. Take care to avoid ironing over any printed or reflective details.

*Hand-washing is best, but not always practical in busy lives...
**We’re not affiliated with these brands, we just like their stuff. There’s plenty of others out there…