dryad fixability

Better in the long run.

In the fashion world, the smart - typically smaller - makers are championing 'slow'. Among other things, they're offering repairs services* as part of their customer care. After all, a garment that can be repaired instead of replaced is a lower impact garment.

Why aren't sportswear manufacturers doing it?

Mainly because most performance wear has complex seams (taped seams are a good example - you might find those inside a fancy rainproof shell jacket) that can't easily be fixed if they break.

We're not part of the fashion world, but we like the idea of building longevity into our clothing - so during the design phase, we decided not to use any seam construction that can't be repaired.

We're calling this fixability.

Running shorts, t-shirts and vests need to be comfortable, and not chafe while you're moving in them. So that means 'flatlock' seams - where the fabric panels are joined by strong tracking stitches that lie against the body.

If you're handy with a needle and thread or sewing machine, or know someone that is, on the rare occasion that you break a seam, it should be a simple matter to sew it back up.

*We're planning to offer a repairs service in the future - please watch this space.

Eido - our running short, can be repaired.

Dryad Eido Running Short

Eido has flatlock stitching in the areas most susceptible to stresses while you're moving.