TRACKLIST 2 - Aviva Endean

by Dryad

Something special for the autumn/winter season; a hypnotic and meditative post-run mix, all the way from Australia, and the studio of composer Aviva Endean. When you're recovering from a chilly 5K, it will soothe and re-energise you. Stream the mix below and read Aviva's thoughts on running…

Aviva Endean photographed by Sarah Walker

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I started running quite a few years ago as a way to keep exercising while on tour. It immediately appealed as a way to explore where I was, rather than just seeing band rooms and hotels. Over the years the activity has become more and more about becoming attuned to where I am. If I'm on the road, it's following my instinct to find an interesting route to the nearest river or parkland, or if it's where I live, jogging the same route everyday along the creek and noticing the smaller details that change with the seasons, listening to the wind in the trees, the air brushing past my ears. It surprises a lot of people that I don't listen to music when I run, but for me it's such an important time to be with myself and my surroundings. It's become an essential tool for staying in good mental health, and I think I do a lot of mental processing while I run. I often get a lot of clarity on creative ideas, and return home inspired to get back into it!

So I've made a post run playlist, perhaps nice for keeping good feelings going as you stretch and get ready for your day!


1. Dawn of Midi - Io 2. Ka Baird - Spiritus Operis 3. Oren Ambarchi, Johan Berthling, Andreas Werlin - I 4. Juana Molina - Sin dones 5. Arthur Russell - A Deer In The Forest Part 1 6. Mikey Young - Boats 7. Cucina Povera - Mesikaammenen Veisu

Aviva Endean is a composer, sound artist and clarinetist. Her practice focuses on creating spaces for a deep engagement with sound, with the hope that attentive listening can connect people with each other and their environment. Aviva uses her mastery of the bass clarinet and an eagerness to extend and develop its potential to uncover new sounds and musical possibilities for the instrument, often working with instrumental modifications, extensions and lo-fi electronics. Described as ‘captivating’, ‘sophisticated’, ‘trance-inducing’, Aviva has performed and presented her work worldwide, and has released solo albums on SOFA (Norway) and Room40 (Australia).

Our thanks to Aviva for taking the time to make this mix, and to James at Phantom Limb; read and hear more from Aviva here: